Odor Removal-Deodorization at The Source

Since 1974, Gerrus Maintenance Inc., and its professional chemical engineer-managed staff, have been responsible for general, biological and chemical odor removal, mold smell deodorization, and certified mold remediation in many houses, apartments, condos, warehouses, stores, offices and businesses throughout New Jersey, Staten Island, and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We specialize in the removal, remediation and elimination of odor sources resulting from various unhealthy biological and chemical causes.

Our teams provide specialized health related cleaning services. We clean, deodorize, sanitize, decontaminate and encapsulate odorous sources, allergens, asthma trigger substances and other health hazards. Gerrus utilizes only the latest chemical and physical techniques, and we never employ ozone or bleach, which are ineffective and can be health hazards. We are certified mold and microbial remediators.

Does your home, office or commercial building have an unpleasant or sickening odor? Have you spent weeks or months searching for the source of an annoying smell, only to come up empty handed? Perhaps you have found the odor source and still can’t get rid of the smell? Just call the odor removal, allergen neutralization and mold remediation professionals at Gerrus Maintenance Inc.

Odors and allergens can have many causes such as mold, fire, flooding, rodents, roaches and other insects, dogs, cats, other animals, unattended death scenes, oil and chemical spills, and vandalism. They can persist in your home or office for many years, so let our experts solve your problem.