Mold Caused By Flooding in New Jersey

Flooding NJ

Thousands of people in the New Jersey and surrounding areas have been hit by flooding over the past few months. Water damage has been extremely severe. The number of affected victims has become so large that FEMA declared New Jersey a disaster zone.

Many NJ homes and offices sustained extensive water damage and are in the process of drying out. What many people do not know is that moisture removal is only the first step of complete restoration. If you thought the flood was the only problem, think again. Many thought the worst was over when the flood waters receded, but the issues caused by the floods will have lasting effects. If you don’t act now, the problem will get worse, and corrective action may become prohibitively expensive.

With the onset of warm and humid weather, your flood damaged house or office will be increasingly vulnerable to mold infestation. Even though the water has been pumped out of your basement, it can still take weeks for the porous concrete and wooden structural surfaces to fully dry. You might not be able to see mold right away, but it can be forming inside walls, and pretty soon you will smell or react to it. This mold can lead to increased health hazards in your home or office, so be pro-active. Additionally, flooded homes have been contaminated by unhealthy, bacteria-laden water, and should be sanitized.

If you were affected in any way by the recent floods in New Jersey then you should contact Gerrus Maintenance Inc. as soon as possible. We are experts at mold removal, remediation and prevention and have been successful for over thirty-six years. If you’ve had flooding, call us immediately to sanitize your home and help prevent mold growth. If you already have mold growth and bacterial contamination, call us today to prevent further infestation, damage and health hazard.

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