Industrial Post Construction Cleaning

Gerrus Post Construction Industrial Cleaning

After you put your time and money into an industrial building project, the first thing you want to do is start using it. The construction crew has left and you want to start working in your new space. The construction crew has done a great job with the building but they dropped the ball on the cleaning. There is dust and debris everywhere and you are going to have to clean it up before moving into your new plant, warehouse or office building.

With all the work done there is a lot of post-construction trash and debris that needs to be removed. For that you must call Gerrus Maintenance Inc. Gerrus offers one-time or ongoing trash and debris removal from all construction sites.

Gerrus offers detailed, quality controlled final cleaning to all industrial buildings after new construction, additions or renovations. We perform heavy duty cleaning of debris, sheet rock dust, floor sanding sawdust, carpentry scrap, and all indoor allergens using state of the art HEPA vacuuming. We also specialize in carpet stain removal and shampooing, floor waxing, bathroom acid treatment and sanitizing, wall and floor cleaning, window cleaning, or any other task that needs to be performed by a well-supervised professional team.

The last step in your construction process is cleanup, so pamper yourself and let Gerrus Maintenance handle it. You’ll be able to relax and get to work in your new industrial facility.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. has eight versatile service divisions that offer help with the cleaning, restoration, maintenance or remediation of any building. Call 732-225-0662 or find us at