Gerrus Cleaning Spotlight: Animal Hoarding

Animal Hoarding CleaningLast week we spoke about Compulsive Hoarding which is the acquisition of large quantities of junk combined with the inability or unwillingness to throw them out. This week we’ll talk about another form of hoarding: Animal Hoarding.

Animal Hoarding is when a person collects not junk but animals in their home. And not just dogs and cats, many animal hoarders have been known to keep a number of household pets, domesticated barnyard animals, and/or non-domesticated animals. The animals are usually kept in foul conditions that are unhealthy for both hoarder and animal. This behavior is inhumane, unsanitary, odorous, and poses a health hazard to all those in the surrounding area.

Gerrus Maintenance not only has experience with general hoarding but with animal hoarding as well. We provide cleaning and organizing help for hoarders and much-needed assistance to their families. We have the expertise and cleanout experience to service any home with health hazardous conditions caused by animal waste accumulations characteristic of pet and animal hoarders.

If you suffer from this disorder or you know someone who does then you need to call the experienced specialists at Gerrus Maintenance. For more information about Pet or Animal Hoarding Cleaning visit and or call (732) 225-0662.

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