Commercial Floor Waxing

The next time you walk on a shiny, coated vinyl tile floor in a commercial building, just realize that you are not really walking on the flooring.  The “wax” coating on that floor is taking the brunt of your foot traffic. Abrasive, greasy, or generally unsightly dirt that you have tracked in from outside the building can scuff and harm the finish, but as long as that floor coating remains intact, the vinyl tile will not be degraded.  That is why it is so important for your cleaning contractor to understand the importance of a well-planned floor maintenance program.  Gerrus Maintenance Inc. has been protecting commercial resilient tile flooring for four decades as part of our state-of-the art janitorial service programs.  We can bring the benefits of our experience to your facility.

Years ago, various carnauba wax floor products were the standards of the commercial floor care industry.  Carnauba wax, which discolors noticeably with time, is a natural product derived from a Brazilian palm plant.  It is still used in such products as automobile polishes and surfboard waxes, but it is too soft to withstand the rigors of commercial foot traffic.  Today, we protect floors with plastic coatings. They tend not to discolor if properly cleaned and renewed, are not slippery, are attractive when competently applied and maintained, are long-lasting, and provide economical protection for commercial and industrial flooring.

Advances in organic resin technology have brought about a revolution in floor care.  Modern premium, high solids, vinyl tile floor coatings yield a plastic film that contains no “wax.”  However, the term “floor waxing” is still affectionately used with a nod to tradition. Comprehensive vinyl floor care programs should include provisions for frequently removing abrasive, undesirable dirt and grease from the surface, and for renewal of the floor coating.  In addition to conventional floor finishes, there are also specialized floor coatings that are used in difficult environments, such as conductive coatings for areas where static electricity is a concern.  The optimum techniques for properly maintaining and refreshing your coated vinyl flooring depends upon traffic patterns, the nature of the dirt being tracked onto the surface, the “shine” standard you are targeting, safety requirements, and of course your maintenance budget.  Let us help you hit your target.

Whenever you need a professional, experienced office cleaning or industrial janitorial service that can furnish a one-time cleanup or a repetitive cleaning program to fit the requirements of your office, plant or warehouse, trust the chemical engineer-managed staff of Gerrus Maintenance Inc.  The versatile service divisions of Gerrus have been meeting the needs of business communities in New Jersey and nearby areas of Staten Island, New York and northeastern Pennsylvania for four decades.  We want to partner with you to maintain the highest appearance level in your building.  Visit us at and then call 732-225-0662 or email us at today.