Cleaning of Properties Under Legal or Financial Management

It’s hard enough to clean your own property, be it your home, office or warehouse. Now, imagine that a residential or commercial property becomes your responsibility. Should you be responsible for cleaning all that junk out and restoring the property to usefulness?? There are many ways for one to become responsible for real estate that is in need of a thorough cleanup, be it legal or financial:

In any of the above cases you shouldn’t have to tackle the job alone. Call Gerrus Maintenance to relieve you of the burden of cleaning a mess that you are legally or financially responsible for handling.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. has been the premier source of heavy duty property cleaning for four decades. We offer the following services for properties under legal or financial control:

If you are in need of any of these services you must call Gerrus Maintenance Inc. immediately. Let us handle the disorder you didn’t cause but are responsible for restoring. Our cleaning services are backed by decades of experience. Our restoration and remediation programs are certified.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. has eight versatile service divisions that offer help with  the cleaning, restoration, maintenance or remediation of any building.  Call 732-225-0662 or find us at