Certified Mold Remediation In Commercial Buildings

In today’s economic climate, protecting your financial assets is extremely important. Given the state of the current real estate market, a pristine, healthy building is a desirable asset. If you own or manage a commercial building, you should be aware of the potential physical damage that mold growth can cause to the structure and contents.  Mold-produced toxins (mycotoxins) and allergens can also wreak havoc with the building’s occupants and visitors.  No employee wants to be sick at work.  Every building should offer a healthy indoor environment at all times, but mold intrusion can sometimes pose quite a problem.

Fortunately, Gerrus Maintenance Inc. offers a full range of mold and other microbial remediation options for your commercial or industrial building. Our chemical engineer-managed staff specializes in certified mold removal, remediation and prevention.   Since 1974, we have been serving the tri-state community with professional and cost-effective remediation and cleanup services.  Protect your assets from mold damage by calling Gerrus today.   You can depend on us for:

  • Mold remediation — certification by the American Council For Accredited Certification (ACAC)
  • ACAC-certified microbial remediation and anti-microbial sanitizing
  • ACAC-certified mold cleaning, neutralization, encapsulation and prevention
  • Water damage remediation — certification by the IICRC
  • Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association
  • Cost-effective solutions for all mold and mildew problems
  • Removal and prevention of mold with environmentally sensible products
  • Cleaning, drying and sanitizing of flooded premises
  • Application of mold retarding treatments, coatings and encapsulants
  • Mold removal from carpets, walls, ceilings, floors and contents
  • Musty, moldy smell removal from all affected areas through treatment at the source
  • Identification and elimination of mold sources and water damage
  • Certified commercial mold remediation in offices, warehouses, schools, factories, and terminals.

If your commercial property is in need of a mold remediation service, whether for a large building or a small office room, let our experienced staff advise you.  Depend upon our competence and discretion.  Contact us today at 732-225-0662 or visit our website at www.Gerrus.com.

Gerrus Maintenance Inc. has eight versatile service divisions that offer help with the cleaning, restoration, maintenance or remediation of any building.  Call 732-225-0662 or find us at www.gerrus.com/biohazard.php or www.gerrus.com/mold.php.